News from the Burmese Immersion Project

Independence Day is close at hand! Last year, Burmese Immersion Project volunteers took about 35 refugee students to view the popular U.S. Bank Fireworks at the Lakefront, which is held on July 3rd every year. Last year’s excursion was a huge success, and we are gearing up to go again this year. It’s a fun family outing that offers an important view of American culture at one of our most important holidays.

Within the last month, we have welcomed into our classes a Burmese family of three, a Karen family of five, and a Burmese gentleman whose wife and children remain in a refugee camp in Thailand. Three new volunteers have also joined our team, and we are excited to get to work!

To learn more about volunteering with us, please contact Bob Heffernan at 414-550-4577 or Becca Schultz at 608-772-9401.

Happy Independence Day to one and all!

About The Burmese Immersion Project

A team of Milwaukee, WI residents serving as cultural mentors and academic tutors to refugees from Burma and surrounding countries.
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